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Login to our custom designed software monitoring platform from the Android or iOS App or via your desktop computer. Here you can set safe areas around where your loved one should/shouldn’t go, check on their location and even SMS or Call at the touch of a button. Not sure how to get to where they are? Use our ‘Directions’ feature for directions on how to get from you to them.
Choose a voice plan and you can make or receive calls from the watch. You set the 2 numbers they can call so only trusted mobile phones can be called from their watch. Perfect for young ones who aren’t quite ready for a mobile phone or if you are looking for a cheaper option with no lock in contracts. 
Need to let them know you are running late send them a quick SMS. Available as a feature on all of our plans it is the perfect solution if you just need to get a short message to them quickly.

What Our Customers Say

My 51 year old brother is intellectually disabled but is very fit. My 87 yr old mother is also very fit and loves to take him walking. Unfortunately she lost him on a bush track near Sydney 3 years ago and it took 2 days & nights for police and SES workers to find my brother. Since then we have been looking for a useable tracking device. We finally found that with the TicTocTrack GPS watch. Now when my mother takes my brother for walks we can log in and see where they are. The TicTocTrack team are very helpful and provide really important back up and are always ready to take my calls.
Peter P.

Since our nine year old son started using his TicTocTrack Watch it has given us the ability to give him so much more freedom. We feel so much more relaxed allowing him to do so much more, like ride to school, and he feels safe in the knowledge that if he needs us we are only a button away. The technology is amazing, it works so well and being able to telephone the watch is the best invention ever. We couldn’t recommend it more highly.
Carolyn Creswell – Company Founder & Managing Director Carmans Kitchen

I’d like to let you know the watch we purchased for my son is brilliant. He has Autism and is a runner. Before the watch I had to drive down the road after him to try and calm him down and get him home. Now he has his watch on and I can call him to talk to him and he comes home. I’ve also been able to find him at friends’ houses and when we go out, before the watch every trip outside of the house caused our family a lot of anxiety and worry. I have been recommending this watch to all parents of Autistic children as it really has been so effective for us. 
Donna L.

Check Mobile Coverage

TicTocTrack® uses the Optus & Vodafone 2G Networks to check coverage for your area click on the links and following the instructions: OPTUS: click here click the ‘Non Optus Device’ button and then enter the following 8 IMEI digits 35759306, ‘Caref Watch’ (our manufacturers name for the watch) will appear, confirm this device and then enter your address details to check coverage. VODAFONE: click here  and enter your address under ‘Search an address’. If you find you only have coverage with one of the two networks please let us know and we can ensure you have that network’s SIM in your watch. *Please note all new TicTocTrack watch orders come with a Vodafone 2G SIM plan as there has been no indication from Vodafone that they will be shutting down their 2G network in the near future. Existing TicTocTrack customers who have a watch with an Optus SIM will be provided with an alternative solution before April 2017 when Optus discontinues support for their 2G network. For more information on the 2G network changes please visit our F.A.Q page.



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