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TicTocTrack® is a solution that gives people peace of mind. It is a watch that incorporates GPS technology so that you can locate your loved one from
your phone or your computer.

We have broken the features down into 4 key areas to make it easy to see how it all works. How the watch works, our GPS monitoring system, what can be done via our mobile interface and the alerts.

Watch Features

The smallest GPS tracking watch in the world, it pulls the whole solution together.Watch

Desktop Platform

Set up safe areas, change passwords and run reports all from our your computer.Desktop

Mobile & Voice

Check locations on the go, or if running late use our voice feature to give them a call.Mobile

Alerts & SMS

SOS, speed & safe zone alerts. The variety gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.Alerts


Watch Features

Young or old TicTocTrack® gives your loved one the freedom to explore! Measuring just 30mmx40mmx12.5mm TicTocTrack® is the smallest GPS tracking watch in the world so is suitable for many wrist sizes. Plus it tells the time! It is splash proof (for when your little one is playing in the water) and with a soft rubber wrist band with plenty of holes will fit even the smallest of wrists. Through its integration with our tracking platforms, using your phone or your computer you can locate your child at any time the watch is switched on and receiving a satellite signal. So if they have headed off down the street to a friend’s house and you just want to make sure they are there, you can look them up. Now with version 2 of TicTocTrack you can also send an SMS to the watch for quick messages throughout the day such as a reminder to head to after school care. If a child is lost or running late, peace of mind is at your fingertips. TicTocTrack® empowers people by giving them a solution that can assist in giving children the Australian childhood that we remember. “Just be home by the time it gets dark…”

Desktop Platform

Login via your computer to our main tracking platform and this is where you set your safe areas or Geo-fences. So what is a Geo-fence?  A Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter that you set using GPS to define geographical boundaries. Sound technical? Basically using your mouse you mark out the area, decide whether this is an entry or exit alert and then send those co-ordinates to the watch to register the settings. Once the boundary is crossed an alert will be sent straight to your phone via SMS. Keeping your child safe at school, ensuring they don’t deviate from the route home, finding out when they arrive home or even an elderly parent with dementia that you want to be reassured won’t wander off, all are covered with this setting. In addition you can easily locate your loved one here as well, track multiple devices, update usernames and run a variety of reports.


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Mobile Monitoring

Not sitting in front of a computer? No problem our iOS and Android apps allow you to see where your loved one is using your phone. After logging in locate the person, review reports and confirm alarms set up a new safe area even see where you are in relation to them using our directions feature.  If you have a Voice Plan you can call your loved one with the touch of a button within the app to let them know you aren’t far away – great for young children who aren’t ready for a mobile phone. Plus allow your loved one to call you as now the + and – buttons allow them to call the 1st and 2nd linked mobile phones. Finally with voice any SOS alert that is triggered by the watch in addition to the standard SMS alert, makes a call to the linked mobile phone/s and allows 1-way voice monitoring so you can assess the situation without transmitting any sound through the watch speaker. For more information on the Voice Feature click here.


There are a few different alerts for different situations. For any time where your loved one may be in trouble an SOS button is discreetly located on the side of the watch. Depressing and holding the button for 3 seconds will send an SOS alert to the registered phone numbers associated with the watch. This alert provides the location of the watch along with a link to Google maps so you can assist. If your child is lost, having an anaphylactic reaction or has perhaps been approached by a stranger you can be there. There is also of course the safe area alerts for when you loved one enters or exits the boundaries you set.



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