It’s as easy as Tic Toc Track…

Buying a TicTocTrack® watch requires 3 simple steps, choosing a plan, choosing a colour and checking out. What could be easier?

Because we set everything up for you and supply you with an active SIM we need you to choose what plan will best suit you and at each step we’ll give you all your options. There are no lock-in contracts so you can always change your mind. Once you have decided on your plan the rest of the process should take about 5 minutes.

Choose your plan

The SIM card in TicTocTrack allows communication with the watch.

The cost of each plan varies depending on the number of SMS alerts you think you may use each month and whether you require voice or not. An SMS is only generated when an alert is triggered for example, your child enters a safe area, your watch sends out a low power alert or your child activates an SOS alarm, so consider how often you think these events will occur. Also consider that if you have linked 3 phones, each alert with send out 3 SMS. If you choose a voice plan, calls to the watch will not incur any charges however calls from the watch are charged in per minute increments. The voice plans vary depending on how many SMS alerts you need plus how many voice calls you will make as well.

Choose the right plan for you

Choose your watch

Linked to the data plan is your TicTocTrack watch which is the piece that pulls the whole solution together.

At $179.95 which includes $10 postage and handling the TicTocTrack® watch is great value for money. All our watches are sent with Australia Post using the Express Post network so most locations receive their watch the day after dispatch. At step 2 you’ll be asked to choose the colour of your watch. We have 6 colours available black, blue, purple, yellow, green and pink. Once you have chosen the colour you will be asked to read and agree to our terms and conditions. Once you have ticked ‘accept’ the checkout button will appear and you can proceed to the final step.

Start with a plan


Congratulations, you’re almost done!

Before we process your payment we will need you to define some unique identifiers so that we can communicate with you in the future. As safety is our main priority we are unable to discuss any details relating to your account until we can verify your identity. At this point you can also select a name for your watch, usually the name of your child, which will allow you to identify them on the monitoring platform. Once we have your information all that is left to do is process your payment. Due to the subscription nature of the SIM plans we require a credit card or Paypal account for the monthly payment to be deducted from and accept Mastercard or Visa.

Lets get started

Let us choose the right plan for you

Let us choose the right plan for you!

Lets Get Started