TicTocTrack offers peace of mind for parents which options to track their children via a watch or their smartphone

Keeping an eye on the location of your child is a necessity in this day and age, and Brisbane based company iStaySafe has announced their new platform which lets you do just that with a new smartwatch and smartphone app.

The watch and smartphone app allow parents to receive SOS alerts and create safe zones which will notify them on their phones if their child sends an alert from the watch, or they stray from the geo-fenced areas all from a single login accessible on a tablet, computer or smart phone.

Key features for the smartwatch and app include:

  • Peace of mind: Receive SMS alerts if your child leaves or enters set areas and see where they are.
  • SOS alarm: The SOS button on the watch or in the phone app activates an emergency alert that is sent to all linked contacts alarm and updates the location every 20 seconds.
  • SMS from trusted phones: Send the TicTocTrack watch a quick message or remind them of something they forgot from up to 6 phones.
  • Directions feature: Receive directions on how to get to your loved one from within the app if you are separated in an unfamiliar area

iStaySafe are playing up the configurable nature of their safe zones, which allows parents to set them to be any shape or size, such as one’s house, yard, local park or school. This is a key differentiator with other products only allowing a circle around a single point.

The TicTockTrack watch costs $199 each, and there’s a small monthly fee involved. iStaySafe offers a range of plans on Telstra and Vodafone with three Vodafone plans which start at $12 per month, or two Telstra plans that start from $15 per month available. Each plan offers options for voice calls, and more or less SMS messages to and from the watch each month, though all include tracking and SOS alerts. All plans include the option to add Mobile Phone’s to Monitor from $3.49.

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