Cyber Resilience Key For iStaySafe

TicTocTrack Cyber Update

During April this year, iStaySafe’s was made aware of a vulnerability in our software platform. After being made aware of this vulnerability, iStaySafe ensured that all customers and stakeholders were notified before taking their systems offline while the investigation proceeded. Although the platform’s vulnerability was remediated within 48 hours, iStaySafe took a further precautionary 48-hours to continue testing the changes to ensure that the software was protected prior to bringing the platform back online for their valued customers.

In the following months, iStaySafe made significant investments both financially and by allocating staff resources to conduct a comprehensive penetration test of their software platform, mobile applications, sales website, all API’s and entire systems architecture. This investigation was conducted by a 3rd party C.R.E.S.T certified cybersecurity firm based in Brisbane to ensure that iStaySafe and subsidiary TicTocTrack has the best-practice cybersecurity and risk management protocols in place.

Following the receipt of the detailed report, iStaySafe implemented all critical or high-level recommendations immediately and are presently working their way through all other recommendations in order of priority.

iStaySafe is committed to ensuring the IoT industry as a whole is one where customers can experience the benefits, safety and peace of mind that comes from the technological advancements this industry offers. iStaySafe will continue to work with industry experts to ensure they are doing all they can to mitigate any risk to the security of their systems.

iStaySafe will continue to operate in an open, transparent and honest manner and invest in the security of their network.

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