We have your whole world covered.

How it works

We provide the tools for you to stay connected with your loved ones

TicTocTrack is a complete safety solution. Through the integration with our custom built tracking platforms, using your phone or you computer you can locate your loved one at any time, from anywhere in the world. Offering a GPS Safety Watch, Smart Phone monitoring app and Monitoring Platform we really do have your whole world covered.

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GPS Safety Watch

A great alternative to a mobile phone

The TicTocTrack 3G Safety Watch is designed with built in GPS tracking, touchscreen display, SOS alert and two-way call feature. Each watch is fitted with a SIM card and a suitable alternative for those not yet ready for a mobile phone.
Through its integration with our custom built tracking platform, using your phone or your computer you can locate your loved one at any time the watch is switched on and receiving a satellite or WiFi signal.

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Smart Phone Monitoring

Turn your phone into a safety device

TicTicPhone turns your smart phone into a safety device and allows family and friends to monitor your location and be alerted if you find yourself in trouble.

Paired with the TicTocTrack monitoring app your loved ones can receive alerts if you go outside of safe areas. They can easily find their way to you with the ‘Directions’ feature and the easy to use SOS button allows you to notify them quickly in times when safety becomes concern.

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Software Solution

A custom built tracking platform

TicTocTrack is a complete GPS tracking platform solution developed with functionality and flexibility in mind. By personalising the platform to represent your brand you can offer your customers a full service monitoring platform in both desktop, iOS and Android formats without the significant investment required to develop a solution like TicTocTrack.

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Australian Owned

We are Australian owned and operated with our Head Office and Customer Service Centre located in Brisbane, Queensland.

Data Security

The safety and security of your data is important to us. Your data is stored and hosted securely in Queensland, Australia.

Australian Standards

We have invested greatly in product development to ensure our hardware has been tested and certified to meet Australian standards.

Smallest GPS Safety watch in the world.

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