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We understand how important it is to always be connected which is why we offer to set up the SIM in your TicTocTrack watch for you. No need to worry about running out of pre-paid credit or not being able to get the SIM to work with the watch. Once you receive your TicTocTrack watch all you will need to do is charge it and put it outside, everything else will be done for you. But don’t worry, with no lock-in contracts for any of our plan, if you happen to change your mind just give us a call and with a few simple steps easily upgrade or downgrade.

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Regular plans

Choose from a voice or non-voice plan.

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Rental plans

Rent a watch for short-term use here or overseas.

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Int. Roaming

Buy a travel pack and add roaming to your SIM plan.

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Change my Plan

Upgrade, downgrade your plan or change networks

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