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International roaming

Travelling overseas? No problem choose an International Roaming plan so you can keep using your TicTocTrack watch while you are away. Just make sure you allow 2-3 business days before you go to ensure it is all set up and working for you.

International roaming plan

The international roaming plan is a once off cost for the month and charged in addition to your current SIM plan. Please note that while travelling overseas the amount of SMS alerts and Voice minutes provided are as per the International Roaming Plan not what is included in your domestic regular plan. If you are travelling for more than one month you will need to purchase multiple roaming packs to cover the time you will be away.

International Roaming Pack

  • All standard features +
  • 20 SMS Alerts or Voice Minutes per month

Please note: If you are currently on a plan that includes voice while you are overseas both calls to the watch and from the watch come out of the 20 SMS or voice minutes. Additional voice minutes will be charged at $0.60c a minute.

Let us choose the right plan for you

Let us choose the right plan for you!

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