How our plans work

We offer 2 plans on the Telstra network to offer the best coverage for your TicTocTrack watch.  If all you need to do is keep an eye on your loved one and have no need to speak with them then the $15 Starter plan (no voice) is the one for you. If however you need the flexibility of the voice feature then the $22 Standard (Voice) plan will give you all your need. To check the coverage for your area please click on the link Telstra Coverage and choose the detailed view to see 3G only devices. Once you have chosen your plan you will be asked to choose the colour of your TicTocTrack watch before checking out.
No lock-in contracts!

NB: If you link 3 phones to your watch then each alert will send out 3 SMS.

Telstra Plans

Starter (no voice) - Telstra

  • Unlimited text messages to the watch
  • 60 SMS Alerts from the watch per month
  • Locate via tablet, computer or smart phone
  • SOS Function
  • GEO Fence setting

Standard - Telstra

  • Unlimited text messages to the watch
  • 150 SMS Alerts or Voice minutes per month
  • Locate via tablet, computer or smart phone
  • SOS Function
  • GEO Fence setting

Still unsure which plan is best for you?

Hover your mouse over the 2 plans below to read scenarios of two different users and the reasons we have recommended that particular plan for them.

Starter Plan

Jenny doesn't need voice on her daughters watch...

$15 Starter (no voice)

Jenny wants to look out for her daughter who is prone to running away. She is looking for a basic plan allowing her to locate her daughter should she not be where she is supposed to be. Jenny also wants to be able to set up GEO fences so she can receive alerts at times when her daughter is visiting her grandparents. Her daughter isn’t old enough to make calls from the watch so it will primarily be used for monitoring and locating.

Reasoning: As there is no requirement for the voice feature and Jenny doesn’t require regular alerts as it is only used for situations when her daughter is visiting her extended family, the Starter plan is the most suitable for her situation.

Standard Plan

Tom's parents like to be notified when he arrives at school every day...

$22 Standard Plan

Tom walks to school and back each day and his Mum and Dad both like to receive an alert when he arrives at school and when he comes home. Tom also likes to be able to call Mum on the odd occasion he forgets something or needs to be picked up because it is raining.

Reasoning: As both Mum and Dad require SMS alerts and they have fences set up for arriving at school and arriving back home each day. They will need a minimum of 80 SMS alerts for the month – 10 alerts a week being sent to both Mum and Dad’s phones. As Tom has the occasional need to call him Mum from his watch then with this Standard plan he will have 70 minutes left to use during the month. 80 SMS and 70 Voice minutes.