International roaming pack

Travelling overseas? No problem.

We have you covered anywhere in the world.

The international roaming plan is a once off cost for the month and charged in addition to your current TicTocTrack Full Service Telstra plan.

Scroll down for T&C’s.

If you currently have a BYO SIM service plan you will need to contact your network provider to activate roaming on your SIM, this option is only available to customers on the TicTocTrack Full Service Plan or legacy customers on one of our SIM supplied plans.

Please note that while travelling overseas the amount of SMS alerts and Voice minutes provided are as per the International Roaming Plan not what is included in your domestic regular plan. If you are travelling for more than one month you will need to purchase multiple roaming packs to cover the time you will be away. We recommend you allow at least 3 days before you travel to allow for the networks to activate roaming.

Important note: While it may show that there is 3G coverage in the country you are travelling to, please bear in mind that when travelling overseas we have no control over the 3rd party cellular networks that the device connects to and so cannot guarantee connectivity at all times.

International Roaming Pack

International Roaming Pack

  • Locate via tablet, computer or smart phone
  • SOS Function & Geo Fence setting
  • 20 SMS Alerts or Voice Minutes to or from the watch per month

Please note: While travelling overseas both calls to the watch and from incur charges. Additional voice minutes will be charged at $0.80c a minute.

Peace of mind at home and away.

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