$19.00 / month and a $65.00 sign-up fee

Sign up fee is for 1 x Bluetooth SOS Alert Button.

We carry our mobile phone and keys with us, doesn’t it make sense to use them as your personal safety solution?

iStaySafeAlert is a solution that combines a web platform with an end-user App and Bluetooth SOS activation button.


  • Discrete, modern and stylish
  • Lightweight to attach to key-ring or carry discretely
  • Paired to mobile via Bluetooth
  • Multiple alert activation: button and on-screen icon
  • Button connected confirmation blue light flash & sound
  • Phone confirmation with vibration
  • Multiple Geo-fence options
  • Real-time tracking option
  • Reporting options available


  • Simple to use
  • Use your own mobile phone
  • Works with 4G/5G mobile phones
  • Detailed location information using the mobile’s high-quality GPS antenna
  • International capability
  • Interface with 24/7 monitoring
  • Self-monitoring by family and friends

All iStaySafe devices require a subscription for the SaaS (Software as a Service). The Bluetooth button is $65.00 and your subscription will be $19.00 per month through Apple Store or Google Play.

  1. Purchase your button
  2. Receive activation SMS
  3. Download the app from the Apple Store or from Google Store
  4. Use code from activation SMS to activate your app
  5. Connect your button to your phone

Your Bluetooth button comes with a Quick Start Guide, keyring, installed battery and a spare battery and an opener to replace the battery which goes onto the keyring so you never lose it.

Available now. 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

All devices are shipped Express via the Australia Post Express Post network.

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Product Description

iStaySafeAlert Mobile Personal Safety Solution

iStaySafeAlert is a mobile personal safety solution that combines a web platform with an end-user App and Bluetooth SOS activation Button.

Web platform with restricted secure access.

Mobile app for iOS and Android that allows pairing with the button via Bluetooth. The button is rated IP67 with a 12 month battery life and has blue LED and sound activation.

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