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All our watches come with a pre configured SIM inside them.  This saves you time, as they are activated, set up and ready to go when you receive your watch.  Plans start at $12.00 a month on the Vodafone network or $22.00 a month on the Telstra network, and as there are no lock in contracts you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

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No lock in contracts on either Vodafone or Telstra.

From $12.00/mth

We offer 3 plans on the Vodafone network including a $29 unlimited plan and 1 Telstra plan for $22.00 per month.

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Choose one of 3 colours, either Black, blue or pink.

3 Colour options

The TicTocTrack watch comes in 3 colours to suit all kinds of tastes. Choose from either Black, blue or pink.

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