At iStaySafe we are constantly reviewing our systems, security and customer feedback to look for ways to ensure our customers receive the best user experience from our products and services. As a result of these reviews, we have implemented some changes to the way the location of your devices is displayed on our platforms.

Previously, when you logged in to your TicTocTrack app or desktop platform and clicked onto your device avatar, a pop up window displayed the last known location along with other information such as battery life, date and time. To ensure the location of your device is only displayed when you need it, while the avatar will still appear as a pin on the map, to convert that location to a physical address you will now be required to tap on the ‘show address’ button. This ensures that the exact address is only displayed when you require it.

These changes were implemented on Thursday the 4th of June 2020. All customers were advised prior to the update.

We’ve included some screen shots of the changes below showing the new ‘Show Address’ button and the revealed address after it has been selected.