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TicTocTrack® uses the Vodafone Network for our 2G and 3G model and offers a Telstra plan to use with our 3G model only . To check coverage for your area click on the links and follow the instructions below.

VODAFONE click here  In the field ‘What’s your device’ choose either generic 2G or generic 3G depending on the TicTocTrack model you have, then enter your address or suburb in the ‘search an address’ field to check coverage for your area.

TELSTRA click here To the right of the map on the page under ‘map options’ select the ‘detailed’ map view to allow you to then choose ‘3G’ as the coverage type. Enter your address in the field at the top left hand side of the coverage map and select ‘find’ to show the coverage for your area.

*Please note the Telstra plan is only available for customers who have a 3G TicTocTrack® watch. If you have a 3G watch on a Vodafone plan and wish to change to a Telstra plan you will need to send the watch back to us so we can put a Telstra SIM in the device.  For more information on the 2G network changes please visit our F.A.Q. page.

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Let us choose the right plan for you!

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