Now you can use the same great software platform that customers have used for years to monitor their TicTocTrack watches, to monitor mobile devices. Simply download the TicTocPhone app onto the device you wish to monitor and if you aren’t already a customer download the TicTocTrack monitoring app and register as a user. Once you have paired the device with TicTocTrack you can monitor your loved ones mobile phone the same way you can your child’s TicTocTrack watch. Set up safe areas, receive alerts when they enter or exit and monitor their movements in real time with our ‘real time tracking’ feature for times when safety is a concern such as walking home at night from the bus stop. The handy SOS alert allows them to let you know if they need help and for Android users take advantage of our ‘sudden movement’ alert which automatically activates the SOS when the phone receives a sudden shake.

Add a single device for as little as $3.49/month*

*7 day free trial with no lock in contracts. Monthly cost reduces the more devices you add.