The Wander to Wonder Oz Family have returned back home from their travelling adventures and share with us how their TicTocTrack watches are helping them all transition back into everyday life of school, playdates and city crowds.

“After a year of travelling around Australia it was time to head home and back to normality. Goodbye wide-open spaces and spending 24/7 together, hello routines and separation. But don’t worry its not all doom and gloom, life at home is still full of adventures – just of a different variety!

Our youngest for example started school! What a whirlwind of emotions that was. It’s a bittersweet feeling sending your babies off to school. On one hand it’s exciting to see them grow as individuals and begin to reach life’s early milestones, but on the other hand….. well it’s kinda gutrenching! The feeling of helplessness as your child is lead off to a classroom by a relative stranger to spend 6hrs a day, five days a week is unnerving. What if they need a hug or if they are hungry or need to use the bathroom? And what about those bigger fears – like if they wander off or if a stranger snatches them from the school ground? While these fears may be completely unwarranted and over the top, it’s still okay to voice them and implement strategies to cope (both for the child and parent). Here’s where our trusty TicTocTrack came to save the day.

We knew our little wanderers might experience some separation anxiety at first and wearing their TicTocTrack watches really helped in reassuring them that Mum and Dad were accessible at all times.  In all honesty the children are yet to actually use the watches to call or message us whilst at school as we have reinforced the message to always seek out a teacher first – but knowing they have that option has done wonders to settle their nerves. After the initial settling in period, the kids realised that their teachers could meet all their care needs and that if they needed to contact Mummy the teacher would facilitate and the children no longer wear the watches on a daily basis. As our children are still young, Mum and Dad are providing door to door service, but when they are older and ready to walk to school by themselves…. the watches and their handy GPS barriers will be back on!

Now we utilise the watches for more specific occasions such as:

School Excursions –  I normally like to tag along to help out as I know what a mammoth task teachers have in wrangling large groups of easily distracted kids! However if I can’t, then I feel a hell of a lot more confident knowing that if my child does wander off or get in trouble then I can make contact in a heartbeat. I always make sure the teacher is aware that the watch is being worn, so they can utilise it if needed too.

Before/Afterschool care – Children can be forgetful and the watch is fantastic in ensuring the kids have attended and for sending them a reminder message or to wish them a great day before school starts.

Playdates & Parties – With younger children we still have the luxury of supervising at most play occasions, however as my daughter is becoming more independent she is keen to drop the ‘parental intrusion’! TicTocTrack has been great in facilitating this compromise and increasing confidence on both sides.

Crowds – Anytime we go somewhere with a heavy crowd, the watches go with us! We have been to an AFL matches, concerts, large festivals and shows and just like packing an umbrella in case it rains, we always come prepared!

Returning home has certainly meant some lifestyle changes and we’re glad the TicTocTrack watch has been able to provide us with a tool to stay connected when it counts!”

Happy Travels,

Tegan & Leigh

Wander to Wonder Oz