We were recently advised that Vodafone are currently rolling out network frequency updates that will affect all Vodafone TicTocTrack 3G devices and due to this we can no longer guarantee Vodafone connectivity.

These changes are unfortunately beyond our control and to avoid any disruption to our customers service we have acted promptly and offered all existing Vodafone customers the opportunity to switch to the Telstra network. As our watch works on both the 850 and 2100 Mhz frequencies and there no plans to shutdown 850 on the Telstra network in the near future we recommend Telstra as our network of choice. The lower frequency bands (850) also have greater coverage and penetration through buildings offering more consistent tracking.

If you have a current Vodafone subscription you would have received an email from us in March to notify you of these changes. The email included a link to an online form where we have requested some details from you that will assist us with providing a smooth transition between the networks.

If you have not received this email and you believe that you should have, please get in touch at enquiries@tictoctrack.com.au.