Media Release
7 November 2019

TicTocTrack Provides Key Alternative For Worried Parents Following WA’s Mobile Phone Ban In Schools

With the ban of mobile phones from WA public schools coming into effect from 2020 onward, iStaySafe’s TicTocTrack safety watch provides the perfect smartphone and smartwatch alternative to ensure WA parents can keep in touch with their children. Last week, Premier Mark McGowan and Education Minister Sue Ellery announced that the ban will include smartwatches, tablets, and phones in an attempt to increase student engagement and put their focus back into the school environment. The controversial and divisive ban will run from the start of the school day until the end, including break times.

Karen Cantwell, CEO & Director of iStaySafe, says, “Whilst we fully support the notion of children being engaged with their education, the ban has a lot of parents worried that they won’t be able to contact, or be contacted by their child when they need to most. The TicTocTrack safety watch is an amazing tool to give both parent and child peace of mind, whilst still ensuring that WA children and teens are getting the most out of school.”

Unlike your typical smartwatch, the TicTocTrack watch is designed specifically for safety and has restricted functionality. With no camera, access to the internet, text function, or the ability to interact with any form of social media, the TicToctrack watch is limited to a maximum of six linked trusted numbers that are pre-set by the carer or parent. A first-to-market product, the device has been used successfully in schools across Australia for 6 years, providing significant comfort to parents and educators thanks to its wide array of safety features.

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