Meet Karen Cantwell The Woman Behind TicTocTrack

Karen Cantwell is a Brisbane mum. She is also the founder of the award winning child tracking software: TicTocTrack.

TicTocTrack has experienced a 600% growth in users over the past 3 years and received $1,000,000 matched investor funding from QLD Government due the potential of the software.

The new funding from the QLD Business Development Fund (BDF), TicTocTrack will help keep Australia’s children and loved ones safe, to enable them to develop innovative software and expand into new relevant markets.

TicTocTrack is an integrated tracking software platform which is accompanied by a smartwatch of the same name – both platform and watch were first to market here in Australia. The software was born out of the need to keep children and young teens safe through dynamic monitoring, providing peace of mind for parents and offering a greater level of freedom for all.

“As much as it is a win for us, it is a win for all the Aussie parents who want to ensure their child’s safety and have peace of mind. The safety software market is booming, thanks to our customers realising its value in the precarious world we live in,” said Karen Cantwell, CEO & Director, iStaySafe.

The unique software platform has been deemed the next big thing in the wearable GPS technology space, not only attracting interest from the QLD government but also other tracking businesses.

The BDF is a key plank of the $650 million Advance Queensland strategy which supports programs that drive innovation, build on Queensland’s natural advantages, and help to raise our profile as an attractive investment destination.”

The recently enhanced in-app user experience gives parents more involvement and easier access. The new upgrade boasts additional functionality; users are now able to add either a TicTocTrack watch or mobile phone and subscribe to a plan that best suits their needs from within the TicTocTrack app and can instantly activate their TicTocTrack watch for safety around the clock.